St. Barrahane’s Church Festival of Music

St. Barrahane’s Church of Ireland


(8km from Skibbereen)

Co. Cork, P81 AH51


+353 86 226 4797 (Jacqueline Weij)

2023 Concerts

Fri. 17 February, 8 pm, €15.  A collaboration with the NSQF.
Spero Quartet in Myross Church of Ireland, Union Hall.
Haydn, Deirdre Gribbin, Dvořák.

Thu. 13 April, 8 pm, €20.  A collaboration with Music Network.
Claudia Boyle – soprano, Niall O’Sullivan – trumpet,
Conor Linehan – piano.
Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Donizetti, Verdi


Thu. 20 July, 8 pm, €20.
Concert to be decided.

Thu. 27 July, 8 pm, €20.
Musici Ireland, flute, violin and viola.
Martinu, Halvorsen, Amanda Feery, Beethoven, Libby Croad, Bartok, Ponce, Hoffmeister, Saariaho. 

Thu. 3 August, 8 pm, €20.
Trio Elatha: Lynda O’Connor – violin, Brendan Walsh – guitar,
Ailbhe McDonagh – cello.
A mix of Irish Trad and Classical Chamber Music.

Thu. 10 August, 8 pm, €20.
A Concorda Quartet, programme to be decided.

Fri. 18 or Sat. 19 August, 8 pm, €25.
John O’Conor – piano.
Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin.

    END of the FESTIVAL, but more concerts:

Fri. 22 September, 8 pm, €15. A collaboration with the NSQF.
Contempo Quartet.
Programme to be decided.

Sun. 19 November, 8 pm, €15.  A collaboration with the NSQF.
The Vanbrugh and Friends in Abbeystrewry Church, Skibbereen.
Programme to be decided.

Fri. 07 December, 3 pm,  €15.  A collaboration with the NSQF.
The Ficino Quartet in Myross Wood House, Leap.
Programme to be decided.